Sustainability, Ecosystems, and Environment

The word sustainability has become a broad topic which can be applied to every angle of life on the planet, natural ecosystems and the interaction between nature and life is being slowly declining as a result the nature is giving negative feedback on each human and existing being on the earth. Ecological sustainability deals with the capacity of the planet how it meets the needs of present generation without hindering the future generation needs it has been developed because human can overtire the available resource leaving nothing for the future except the polluted planet with no resources. Paul Hawken has composed that "Supportability is with respect to balancing out the by and by crazy connection between earth's most entangled frameworks—human culture and hence the living scene." Sustainability is critical for some, reasons including: Environmental Quality – In request to have sound networks, we need clean air, characteristic assets, and a nontoxic situation. Development – UNTHSC's enlistment keeps on developing, so we require more assets, for example, vitality, water, and minerals.

Ecosystem is a network of living beings (plants, creatures and microorganisms) related to the nonliving parts of their condition (things like air, water and mineral soil), communicating as a framework.

The SEE track will furnish understudies with a solid establishment in biological system science and interdisciplinary ways to deal with research on social-environmental frameworks. The objective of this track is to prepare understudies to coordinate the hypothesis and strategies for sociology with biological community science to comprehend, envision, and deal with the coupled elements of people and environments. As needs be, SEE elevates grant to control advances of social-biological frameworks toward natural, financial, and social manageability. This envelops explore interfacing environment and biological system science with natural financial aspects, establishments and administration, choice science, political biology, and different trains in the sociologies.


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